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Sadguru Sant Keshavadas - founder

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Sant Keshavadas delegated the responsibilities of his mission to his wife, Rama Mata and empowered her with the Guru lineage.

A devoted disciple/servant during her marriage of 46 years, she is considered by many in her native India and around the world to be a saint in her own right. This humble woman is now called "Guru Mata" and vows to continue Guruji's work.

Sant Keshavadas, the Founder of Temple of Cosmic Religion, belonged to the ancient line of singing saints and exemplifies the tradition Bhakti Yoga or devotional mysticism. He established numerous temples and meditation centers throughout the United States, as well as the Bhagavad-Gita Mandir and Gayatri University in Bangalore, India and conducted more than thirty peace pilgrimages around the world, he dedicated his life to the goal of world peace. Author of over 20 books and composer of more than 6,000 spiritual songs, his legacy lives on through the dedication of his wife and the spark of God-realization he instilled in his devotees and disciples.

Guru Mataji the successor to Sant Keshavadas is the President of the Temple of Cosmic Religion and continues to administer its world headquarters at Vishwa Shanti Ashrama in Bangalore, India.

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